IT recruitment
Go beyond your usual recruitment channels –
tap into a WHOLE new source of overseas
talent and reach the top candidates you
couldn’t otherwise find.
We’ll help you find, hire and relocate the best (and scarcest) tech talents from around the world – just as easily as if they were on your doorstep.
Our team of 35 in-house recruiters thinks globally, acts locally and overachieves daily.
With 10+ years of expertise to draw on, our recruiters can cut a month-long search down to just a few days.
Find the perfect hire among our 150,000 relevant candidates — wherever you are in the world.
What we do
Find talent globally
Looking for a stellar iOS engineer? Or maybe a Chinese Ad Traffic Manager? We have a global talent pool to search in, and it’s very likely that your future employees are on our list.
Hire people matched
to your needs
Depending on whether you’re a startup, a Fortune 500 company or a remote team, the selection criteria are different. We know what matters to you, and will only look for the best match.
Ensure a smooth
Wherever your company is based – if the candidate is a good match, we'll make sure you have them on board hassle-free.
Why work with us
No prepayment
Seriously. We won’t charge you unless we find you the perfect match for your needs. It’s easy and 100% free to start working with us.
We’re IT-specific
We are a team of IT-savvy professionals with tech degrees. We speak our clients' language and know the labor market first-hand.
A global talent pool
We are in touch with high-end IT professionals from around the globe. With 150k+ CVs in our database, backed up by our extensive personal network, we’ve probably already met your future teammate in-person.
Exclusive finds
We access the hiring sources that would otherwise be out of reach. By opening up your recruitment options, we’ll help you discover truly rare finds for your team.
What makes us different from other recruiters?
We think and search beyond borders to help the world work together.
Our job is to connect globally-oriented companies with the worldwide community of tech, business and creative talents who are willing to move where the best work is.
Meet the IT Discovery team
Benefit from diversity
International candidates will strengthen your team with their unique skills and backgrounds. Just imagine a Chinese growth-hacker, a British engineer and a Russian data-analyst working together in the age of global competition.
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Do you work with companies, regardless of location?
Yes. Wherever you’re based and whatever you need, we can pull together your missing Tech team members from all four corners of the world.
Will you help with relocation?
No trouble – we've been providing diversity to IT companies since 2008 and we will support you every step of the way. Although we don’t provide financial or legal support, we DO advise you at every stage of the hiring process, including relocation.
What are your rates?
Our service fee is 20% of the annual gross salary of the employed candidate.
What kind of positions do you recruit for?
Literally anything you’d find in a tech team! Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, Full Stack Developers, Mobile Developers (iOS and Android), DevOps Engineers, UI/UX Designers, Product Owners, System Engineers…
Can you help us with benchmarking?
Sure thing! Our international perspective gives us a realistic overview of salaries and other market information across Europe and Asia.
How long before we start receiving candidates from you?
We’d love to say tomorrow, but obviously it depends on your requirements (the level of seniority you’re after, for example). On average, it will take us 2-3 days.
Interested in working with us? It's easy. Just fill in the contact form below and we'll be in touch, pronto.
We won't charge you until the first working day of your new employee.
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